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Frequently Asked Questions about pi2Life B2B Marketplace

Frequently Asked Questions about pi2Life B2B Marketplace for procurement managers / sourcing managers, consumer brands / suppliers and distributors / wholesalers / traders



How do you make sure that the products are sustainable?
Data about products and services is required to go through operational verification by our internal team (without actual inspection or quality check) and approval prior to getting listed on our platforms.
Why Vegan, Plant-based, Cruelty-Free and alternatives to animal testing?
Compassion is at the core of our philosophy. We are addressing the growing needs of this market segment from business and industry perspective rather than purely ideology perspective.

Buyers - Procurement / Sourcing Managers

Why we cannot purchase products from B2B Marketplace?
We want to acknowledge and respect the highly complex supply chain issues involved in business procurement process. Also, by staying away from on-platform purchase, we do not eat into margins.
Why one more B2B Marketplace?
pi2Life B2B Marketplace focuses exclusively on vegan. plant-based, cruelty-free and alternatives to animal testing range. Due to our focus we can offer widest possible coverage in this growing segment

Sellers - Brands, Suppliers, Manufacturers

Can we sell our products or receive purchase orders from buyers?
No. Sellers can list their product catalogue on B2B Marketplace which business buyers and distributors can discover to send sourcing inquiries directly to sellers.
How can you help us with market entry and bringing qualified sales leads?
B2B Marketplace is a self-service platform for sellers, buyers and distributors to find and contact each other. We do not provide business development or sales services ourselves.

Resellers - Distributors, Wholesalers, Traders, etc.

Will buyers and sellers connect directly bypassing resellers completely?
Resellers play a very crucial role in the supplier scouting process such as verification, market research, quality checks, negotiations, logistics, delivery, etc. With B2B Marketplace, resellers can find a portfolio of suppliers at one place making it easier to better serve their buyers or contact suppliers.
Who will be responsible for ensuring trade rules, regulations, customs, etc.
These aspects shall be dealt between suppliers, resellers and buyers as per each of their business situations.

Verification Issuers - Labels, Certifications, Trademark, License, Scoring, etc.

Will you refer companies to us? and can we refer companies to you to whom we have issued our verification?
Yes. We are open to referral agreements with verification issuers. Please contact us for partnerships
How do you make sure that our verification mark is not misused?
We perform basic operational check on the product information that is added by suppliers or distributors and from time to time we make spot checks on associated verification marks as well. Anyone who may notice inapprorpriate use of our platform can report an issue to us and we act on such reported issues at the earliest.

B2B Marketplace is an online buyer-seller platform for business buyers and procurement managers to send personalised business inquiries to suppliers of vegan, plant-based, cruelty-free consumer products

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